Maintenance & Service

All types of repairs and maintenance is carried out for rolling shutters. Regular servicing is the best way to avoid chances of a failure and unnecessary repair cost. We provide you with a service invoice which records all the works carried out, stating that the shutter has been inspected and in perfect condition for use. We provide Maintenance pack for our customers so that they can save time and money on their shutters.

One time maintenance
  • Call us for one-time shutter repair, our experts will give you the best service.
1-Year Service pack

Call our expert for 1 Year service charges for your roller shutter

3-Year Service pack

3-year service include a maintenance of your shutter and also your shopfront doors.

What we do in our service  pack :- 

→ Open up the shutter casing.                                                  → Check all curtain links to the roller.

→ Check for any damaged pieces.                                            → Check for broken end locks.

→ Tightening any loose screws.                                                 → Check for any wirings or switches problem.  

→ Lubricating rails for better performance.                            → Check motor performance.

→ Make a report about new parts needed.                             → Longer warranties on motors.

Looking for Shutter/Shopfront Service & Maintenance?

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