Shutter Curtains / Lath

roller shutter repair in London

Shutter: Hinged panels fixed inside or outside a window/door that can be closed for security or privacy or to keep out the light.

Solid : Maximum Security - No Visibility

Certainly one of the best shutters, suitable for industrial units and backyards, a galvanized steel shutter which do not rust and can also be applied with powder coating to prevent it from getting dull.

Punched Hole: Gives Better View Inside

These shutters are with rectangular cut-out lathes which allows one to see inside. These are recommended to the shops who wants to exhibit their products for the display but in a secured manner.

Pin Hole: Decent Security - Some Visibility

These are the transparent roller shutters which allow up to 40% of visibility when are down but are still secure. They can be operated manually or by remote and switches and are made up of aluminium, iron or steel. They are best suited for shops and malls.

Insulated Window

Insulated window shutters are the ultra-modern type of window shutters offer high security and ease of operation ADV has been fitting window shutters in all shapes and sizes.

Grille: Maximum Visibility

These are made of metal bars and aluminium connectors, covers and side locks which together make a Rolling Grille. The Grille gives you maximum visibility inside and that too at an affordable price.

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